Time to stand up and be counted

Rangers F.C supporters are famous for their songs, their loyalty but more so in the last 10 years for our dignified silence.  The Attacks on our club from Feb 14th 2012 has been quites astounding. Journalists and Football figures have all taken a pop and i am finally glad to see the Fans stand up and complain against this behaviour.  However when is the Club going to stand up to allegations against our fans with regard to online threats, Threatening phone calls, Abusive emails ETC. I fail to see any Rangers Fan being arrested for the alleged threats on the Raith Rovers director or Stewart Regan? However the Propoghanda kicks in from our detractors at every turn and slowly but surley it is fed into the public domain that we make those threats! No evidence or arrests have emerged from it and its time the Club started asking these questions, It is not only our reputation being damaged, it is essentially the clubs.

Charles Green has started off on a better road than Martin Bain or Sir David Murray were ever on? We have proven over the past 7 months that we are the only show in town and these Journalists need access to the Training academy, Ibrox and our staff. No Rangers, No sales., Or at very least the sales take a battering.

I seen many tweets from Gers fans taking issue to the bears complaining to the Falkirk board about their PA Calling us Sevco and referring Ibrox as castle Greyskull, This is exactly what we should be doing, Do not let anything slide that is damming to the club and the support.  It is like the school bully, take the abuse and it will continue, stand up to it and slowly it will stop happening.

We as fans have no idea how strong we are, how influential we can be, we are to busy trying to out do each other with various supporters trusts and different ideas on how the club should be structured. The time is NOW to stand up and be counted, Complain, Highlight lies, Highlight the abuse and do not accept it but alwayts act like a TRUE RANGER and never bring the name of the club to the gutter.



Does Kirk Broadfoot warrant abuse?

Does Kirk Broadfoot warrant abuse from Rangers F.c fans? Think about it for a moment? He is perhaps not the most gifted defender ever to pull on the blue jersey but has one ever been a target for abuse as much as big Kirk?

He has had his moments, good and bad, none perhaps more so than his MOM display at Old Trafford in the champions league, or none as low as his gesturing to the west enclosure after a defeat at ibrox.

Kirk simply wanted to play for Rangers, he wanted to pull on that blue jersey and play for his boyhood heroes. He should be able to walk out of the famous ibrox front doors with his head held high. He was an integral part of the 2008 UEFA cup finalists, he will walk away with championship medals, league and scottish cup winners medals and he also made his Scotland debut while playing with Rangers.

So why so much abuse for a player who agreed to transfer his contract to the newco when “heroes” such as McGregor and Naismith walked out on us? With the goalie suggesting his club died in 2011!

Is it because he wasnt good enough? If so why so much hero worship for players such as Sebo? Kirk has done his bit
For Glasgow Rangers and deserves our thanks for helping the club to
Titles in some of our darkest times.

Kirk was simply guilty of trying to hard and in the end not being good enough, nothing more, nothing less!